Precision Glass Solutions | Augmented Reality (AR) Glass Wafer, HPFS Fused Silica Wafer, and Carrier Wafer Glass Solutions | Corning

Precision glass wafers and panels enabling high performance consumer electronics?and IoT applications

Corning Precision Glass Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer industry-leading wafer and panel format glass-based solutions. Our products help customers deliver increasingly demanding functionality and form factor requirements for consumer devices and the Internet of Things applications.

The inherent properties of glass – high optical transmission, excellent electrical performance, tight geometrical tolerances, and pristine surface quality – along with Corning’s ability to offer different compositions in a wide range of coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) and refractive indices, position Corning glass as the premier material for next-generation semiconductors and immersive communications applications.

Backed by more than 160 years of material science expertise, Precision Glass Solutions delivers value to customers through a unique set of capabilities under single leadership within Corning. These include a deep understanding of glass composition and form factors, precision finishing, laser processing, material deposition, metrology, and a reliable supply chain that’s been built over decades. Precision Glass Solutions is a one-stop shop helping solve customers’ toughest technology challenges.

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